What our customers say

“Every time I visit, everyone’s so polite and helpful. Best part is the prices, are totally unbeatable. Can’t fault these guys one bit.” – Shaun Brown

“Amazing service from everyone, asked for 12 railway sleepers Friday morning, just been delivered now at 8:30 Saturday – fantastic. Thanks I’ll be back for the next lot soon!”

“Excellent staff and always helpful. While I was out last Friday I had a delivery of logs and dog food , and not only did the guys put my logs in the shed they put them on the shelves so it’s easier for me to access. That is service you don’t see any more. Thank you guys I don’t know which ones did the delivery but I really appreciate you going the extra mile for your customers. You will have my custom forever.” – Barbara Ross

“A great local agricultural company, it is one of my wife’s favourite stores, one reason is that the staff are extremely helpful.”

“Mr and Mrs Bailey gave me a box of Black Magic chocolates every Christmas. Because I used to write to say thank you Mr Bailey would give me a triangular pencil with their name on it. I loved those pencils as I had never seen triangular ones before. I still shop at Baileys for my little flock of pet sheep and my chickens and the service is still as lovely as it was back in the 60s.”